Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Building Modular Log Homes

Log homes have been the home of choice for Americans for hundreds of years. In the past, log homes were built by cutting down trees and asking your friends and family to help you build a home. These log homes usually had only one room and had a dirt floor.

Over time, log home construction changed as the demand for homes with numerous rooms and amenities grew. Log homes became more complicated, and craftsmen began specializing in building log homes. When this occurred, the price of a log home increased significantly. In response to the demand of affordable log homes, manufacturers began offering log home kits. A manufacturer of a log home kit cuts all the logs that are needed to build a log home in a factory and delivers the logs to the home site. Then, the log home is built according to the specifications of the manufacturer. These kits do not include the wiring, plumbing, interior walls, etc.

A modular log home is built within a state of the art manufacturing facility. The benefit to this type of log home is that none of the materials are exposed to the elements while the house is being built. The logs used in the construction of a modular log cabin are kiln dried, and the moisture content of the logs are monitored during the building process. Each aspect of the development process is done using skilled craftsmen. Everything, including the plumbing, wiring, and appliances, is in place when the home leaves the manufacturing facility.

Because the modular log home is built indoor, there is no delay in construction time due to weather delays. Once you choose your log home design, it can be completed in a matter of months instead of a year or longer.

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